Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 9

1111g today, Yay Toby is really getting bigger now, he had his first real little cry this morning, and it was so cute. he is looking a little pale though as he may need a blood transfusion sometime over the next few days. Toby’s nurse this evening was sick with a head cold when she came in, and mummy was not very happy! We didn’t get to have cuddles today either as mummy didn’t want to risk his nurse getting him out and possibly infecting him with her cold. Poor mummy is really hanging out for a cuddle its been a few days now. 

Mummy brought a little T-shirt for Toby today, I’ll give it a wash and he should be able to wear it tomorrow as it was a special premmie size. I also brought a nursery rhyme book to read to him and in the evening mummy and Toby got to have a very nice long cuddle and a read of the book. Toby fell asleep and was very contented.

1210g, today, keep it up Toby and we will be home in no time!  Toby had a wash this morning and got to put on his first little T-Shirt. He looks very cute! He is still on his CPAP of 6 and still has a low hemoglobin but the doctors don’t want to give him a blood transfusion yet as they want to wait to encourage him to make his own. He is looking pale and tired but he is still hanging in there, proving them wrong all the way.

1039g today, Toby is doing well, Larissa and Anthony went home today and Aimee stayed as she was a bit upset about being away from mummy so long. Toby is still on a CPAP of 6 and he is on minimal oxygen.

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