Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 3

Mummy did not like Toby’s nurses today, he was suppose to have is milk increased but the nurses did not do this, they also did not hand over some of the information and when new nurses come on they did not know how to handle the swings in his sats. At the end of the night his feeds were stopped as the nurse thought his little tummy was looking swollen, but by the morning it was all ok, and best of all Toby has gained some weight, he is now a whopping 847g, he weighs more than his birth weight and is looking really good.

A much better day today, Toby has settled more with his sats, and his o2 is hanging around 33%, he has started his feeds again and his morphine has been ceased in preparation for him to come off his ventilator. The doctor thinks it will be this week sometime, and mummy is hanging out for a cuddle, he still hasn’t opened his eyes yet, mummy got to change his little nappy 2 times today, and he really likes his dummy! Sucking so hard that his nurses can’t believe it. Another blood transfusion today made him all nice and pink, overall he had a much more relaxing day and really enjoyed having mummy stroke his little head and pat his little bottom. The line in his head was taken out today as it had tissued, and one was put into his arm so that he could have the blood, so Toby is sporting a mow hawk haircut! Very cute!

Today proved to be a good day, Toby was seen by the doctors in the morning and although he is not coming off the ventilator today, his setting have been reduced, he started the day on a breathing rate of 50 in the morning it was turned down to 45 then 35 and in the afternoon it was turned down further to 30 and then 25, when mummy left him tonight he was sitting on 27% Oxygen and his tube had a huge leak, around 90% so he was effectively breathing by himself and this has been occurring most of the day. The doctors were so happy that they are talking more about taking him off tomorrow. His Doctor Tony had a big talk to mummy today and told me that although he is not out of the woods yet things are looking really good so far, mummy is very happy. Mummy gave baby Toby a nice massage too today and he really like it, rolling his shoulders and looking really relaxed, he sucked on his little dummy for most of the day, and he is now having 1ml an hour of mummy’s milk again, and he seems to be tolerating that really well today. Mummy is getting a little excited as she was also told that she may be getting a cuddle tomorrow, as Toby’s cot needs to be changed and who better to hold him while they do this! Mummy noticed a sign on his cot in the evening asking for his cot to be changed when possible, and mummy added to the sign saying that could it happen when mummy is there please so that mummy can have a hold, as the nurses are not very good at passing that kind of important information on sometimes, Toby’s nurses name today was Emily, in the evening, we like her, and Julie in the morning. He is very close to opening his eyes, and mummy and Paige can’t wait! Still having a little trouble with his blood sugars though but the insulin is being adjusted to fix it.  His little toe looks really good now and we are all very doubtful that he will have any damage from the arterial lin15/06/2009

He’s off the ventilator, YAY! And so far looking really good, he has a bright red hat on and some really big prongs up his nose, but is breathing up really well. Oh yeah and mummy got her first CUDDLE it was so nice, he has a beautiful baby smell and he made mummy cry. It was so beautiful to have that first cuddle, if only dad could have been here, he will get his cuddle soon enough though. He is having 1.5 ml of mummy’s milk now and so far tolerating that well, if he keeps it up he will be on 2 to 2.5ml tomorrow. He hasn’t opened his eyes yet but is still so close.

Toby has had a bit of a rough day today, his CPAP got turned up a bit and his oxygen requirements have been swinging again, and by the end of the night it was looking like he might go back on the ventilator, mum was really unhappy with how his nurse Sam was looking after him as his sats would drop to low 60% and she would not turn up his oxygen, and after a few minutes she would jump on him and try to stimulate him roughly and he would just hold his breath even more, causing him to crash further. Mummy and Paige had a talk to doctor Tony and he was really good and said that they would talk to the nurses and try to fix it.  On the plus side Toby’s right eye is partially open, we can see his eye but it’s only open in the inside corner so hopefully tomorrow! He is Also on 2.5ml of mummy’s milk and is really enjoying it.  

Daddy came back today and he brought Aimee, Anthony and Larissa with him, they were so excited to see baby Toby, Aimee and Anthony got to have a little play with him and stroked his hands and feet. Toby also opened his right eye to say hello to everyone, he was just waiting for daddy to cam back after all, and his left eye is still fused though. Nan and Granddad Newman also came to visit and Granddad got to see Toby for the first time. Toby is having 3 ml of milk now and his Doctor has stopped his lasix so hopefully he will put on some weight now.

Daddy got to have a very brief hold today, while Toby had his sheets changed daddy got to hold him up, also he opened his Right eye for everyone else to see today, Daddy got a look for the first time, mummy thinks his eyes are more blue that brown at the moment although they are still very dark so it is hard to tell. He is having 3.5mls milk today and is so far tolerating it well. He has had his PIC line taken out of his left arm and as the day went on he also had the peripheral line taken out of his right hand, his milk was bumped up to 4mls an hour which is full feeds for him so his doctors are happy for him to have his medication put into his milk instead of putting in another needle. Daddy got his first real cuddle tonight too, Toby looked so small in his arms but he did look very comfortable.

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