Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

week 14

This week Toby has spent some time on and off his CPAP, he is doing really well. But has some reflux that I have noticed. I have been trying to tell the doctors and nurses about it as I can hear him gurgling and I think that he could do more without his CPAP but as he keeps having braddys, (I think from his reflux) they are not listening to me and they think that he just needs more time on CPAP to rest his lungs. He has had another blood transfusion as his HB was low again, and he hasn’t been able to pick it back up himself. Mummy was getting quite frustrated with the doctors and the nurses who all have different ways of caring for Toby but never seem to listen to or help mummy out so mummy has decided to go back home to Somerset for a break next week.

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