Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 6

This evening Toby had a big episode where he was having trouble breathing and maintaining his oxygen levels, he had a new IV inserted as the old one tissued again, and they needed a new on incase he needed to go back on to the ventilator, mummy and daddy went out for tea to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary tomorrow, and while they were they had a phone call to tell them about the new IV and then another call not long after to tell them that they were going to put Toby back onto the ventilator as he had had another big episode. Apparently Toby’s tummy was so full of air and so big that he was having too much trouble breathing. The Doctor thinks he will only need to be on the ventilator for a few days to allow his tummy to settle.

Toby’s tummy is now looking really good, it is almost back to normal size and his breathing is a lot better, he is in air a lot of the time, but he has some swelling around his legs and groin, but over all looking a lot better. Daddy had to go back home to work today and he was much happier to go now that Toby’s tummy looks better.

 Toby’s ventilator settings had to be turned up today, his bloods come back yesterday that were taken on Saturday night and it appears that he has an infection, Toby is on morphine and he is very quiet, has hardly moved today. The doctors turned it down in the evening, to see if he gets more active. He has also developed a bit of a cold and has a lot of green snot building up at the back of his nose and a lot of mucous in his lungs, he does not look too good today and mummy is a little worried about him. He needs to be suctioned out very often and is also getting a little more swollen. He is however tolerating a small amount of mummy’s milk and this is great given the last few days.

Ventilator settings were turned back down a bit this morning, to see if they could wean him off, but Toby didn’t cope very well, so they were turned back up. Mummy had a little cry this morning when she seen him as he was so swollen that his poor little head was all out of shape. He weighed 988g this morning but a lot of that is fluid, the doctors have not started him on any diuretics yet and mummy is disappointed as she thinks they should, mummy is getting a bit crabby with the nurses today. He is needing anywhere between 30 and 50% oxygen.

He is still very swollen today and his ventilator settings were increased again today, but after the doctors round they decided to get an x-ray, and the x-ray showed that he had some fluid on his lungs. The doctors prescribed some diuretics this time and we are hoping that this will help his lungs get better so that he can get off the ventilator. Weigh night is tonight, we are hoping that he gets rid of a lot of his fluids so that his weight will be more accurate.

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