Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 1

Toby is in the dark a lot of the time and his little home is kept very humid for his skin, he was put under a blue light a few times to help decrease his billyrubin levels, or his jaundice. He was tried off his ventilator and put on CPAP but only lasted 2 hours as the doctors noticed he has a large PDA that was making it harder for him to breathe effectively, he was given medication for this. Day 4 mummy got to change his nappy for the first time. Toby had his first blood transfusion on day 5 and he has a 4.5mm PDA, he was given indomethacin to help this and by day 5 it was almost closed. He is having 0.5ml of mummy’s milk every 4 hours he has lipids, which is a form of fat being fed into his vein.
  Toby is in the dark alot of the time, and his little home is kept very humid for his skin so they are not the best quality but about the best that we can get at the moment, hope that you enjoy them,  today he is 5 days old, and is doing very well,  he is having a blood transfusion today as they keep takin his precious blood out for tests, and he needs it more than they do. he is on a ventilator still, but is not requiring any oxygen. his heart is looking much better with his PDA almost closed, and he is having a very satisfying 0.5ml of mummys milk every 4 hours,   Mum changed his nappy yesterday for the very first time, he is getting his umbiliacle line taken out after his blood transfusion today and the drs will be attempting to put in a 'long line' in either his leg or his arm, which will help them give him all his medications. he has lipids being fed into his vein, This is a form of fat,  Mum thinks she should have been able to donate some of hers!  but otherwise he is just sitting tight and growing really well. 

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