Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 21

After his bad week, he looks alot better and is havinghis hernia op on the 3rd of nov, and all going well he can come home after that, or transferred back to burnie, depending on which dr he has, and how many braddys he has between now and then. 
he has gotten rid of his feeding tube finally as he is now fully breastfed, and having bottles at night, mum is only not gettin over there for 1 feed through the night, as untill he gets a little close to coming home, its a long way to walk at 3am on my own in the city.
he is also going for a walk around the hospital each day in his stroller. and he really like this. we have to take an oxygen tank and a rescussiatation bag and mask. and portable suction exquipment wit us at all times just in case but sofar he has been very good.
He has had cuddles with nan newman and nan and pop neilson, and cant wait to have more.

Toby had his hernia operation today, all went well and he come back to the NICU extubated. That is off the ventilator. Yay!  If all goes well he can be transferred back to Burnie at the end of the week

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