Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home Week 22

Today is the day that we get to take Toby home. We haven’t told anyone as we wanted to surprise them all even the kids, they are expecting us home but think that Toby is being transferred to Burnie. Not coming home! wow what a surprise our family is in for!  the last 2 nights we were allowed to take Toby back to ronald McDonald House, and everyone was so pleased to see him,  he would have his little graseby apnoea monitor on and it did alarm twice but with a little rub Toby was ok. it was a little frightening for mummy and daddy to have him all to ourselves to care for but we were so brave. mummy had to wake him up through the nights for feeds as he is still too little to wake himself up, and we dont want him to lose any weight.
All three of us went for a short walk into the city to buy som bits and pieces for Toby and Toby had another little apnoea but it was more because of the sun in his eyes, once mummy put a blanket over his pram to block it out he was perfect.   
So today we had to take Toby in to special care to get weighed, he lost a little but not enough to stop us from taking him home. we visited all his nurses and Drs and in a way we were sad when It was time to take him home for good.    dont get me wrong,  we were over the moon,  yet we had made so many friends over this journey and we were leaving them behind,  it was a wonderfully, sad day!
All nervous, we said our goodbyes and loaded Toby into the car to start the four hour trip home. 

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