Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 20

Toby has come off the ventilator today, after recovering for the last few days, he has been pretty well sedated. His morphine and midazolam was stopped yesterday morning and he was suppose to come off the ventilator then but he did not wake up so he was left another day. This morning he was wide awake and not liking having the tube down his throat so they took it out at 10.30 and replaced it with some nasal prongs, he did not need the extra oxygen in the end but the prongs were left of to be on the safe side. But in the evening they were removed. Toby had some lovely cuddles with mum and dad. It Turns out the he had an infection in his blood and maybe in his urine, his spinal fluid came back clear, so that is good, he has to have antibiotics for another 3 days but then they can stop. Toby has been a different boy today, he hasn’t had any braddys, or apneas and his oxygen saturations have been good all day, we are all hoping that he can keep this up.

After a great week, Toby has been moved to Special Care today! Mummy is a bit nervous but he has so far had the same nursing staff. We also went for a walk to Hudson’s in the morning before he was moved, with nurse Jacky, to get all his nurses a coffee. Toby is doing really well, he is allowed to go for short walks with mummy by herself on the 3rd floor, but we have to take oxygen and a bag and mask with us, he must like the walks as he sleeps all the way through and wakes up when we get back.
If Toby continues to go well, his surgeon has agreed to do his hernia op on the 3rd of November, and if all that goes well, and we can get him up to full breastfeeds then he can come home a few days after! Yay.

Daddy got to take Toby for a walk with mummy today in his own pram. We went down to get some lunch and then walked back up zigzagging up the floors to stretch it out a bit longer. Toby was awake this time, and loved it all. He also had his first bottle feed with daddy, both of them enjoyed it very much.

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