Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 12

Today Toby had his first attempt at breastfeeding and he had some really good sucks.

Toby has had a relatively stable week, he has slowly gained weight and is now 1310g he is having 9.5mls of mummy’s milk and he had his first real bath today in a basin of water inside his little humidi crib. Initially he was unsure but really enjoyed floating in the water once he was use to it. He has been having some short periods off CPAP and is really going well, and his nurses have told mummy and daddy that he is not swinging so much with his oxygen saturations. Mummy and Daddy were really impressed tonight with the way Toby handled his bath and his cuddles. He has started wearing clothes and enjoys being wrapped up when he is sleeping. He has some short periods where he is really awake and playful. And he is now learning the difference between day and night as they nurses are not covering his cot during the day. Hopefully to help him sleep better when he comes home.

he is now 1310g and looking very chubby for his little size. He had his first bath on sunday, there are some pics of that, and his weigh after the bath,
he is now having 9.5 mls of milk and they have just started fortifying it again, to help him to gain more weight. he has had a few breastfeeds and is doing really well with it
 he has had 2 x 1hour sessions off his CPAP today and is coping wonderfully with that too. he really is making progress, but sadly we still dont know whne we will be able to come home as he has to be off CPAP for a little while first. and we are not sure when that is going to happen. but hopefully wont be long. 

Toby had a good day today, he had an hour and a half off his CPAP in the morning and he also had a good attempt at a breastfeed. Then he had another hour and a half in the evening, he was a little quiet in the evening but he had a really nice long cuddle with mummy. 

Having a bit of a flat day today Toby was not moving around much, he had a 20min cuddle in the morning off his CPAP but then he got really tired, so he was put back on and back to bed.  The doctors did a blood test and his hemoglobin was at 76 so they decided to give him another blood transfusion of 26mls. Hopefully this will help him to pick up. Toby had a very restful day after that, as we was happy to let him recover throughout the day. 

After his blood Transfusion, Toby is very pink today. He is not swinging anywhere near as much with his oxygen saturations and he has had an hour and a half off his CPAP in the morning. In the afternoon we decided to see if it made a difference to give him some oxygen via some small nasal prongs when he is off his CPAP. Toby went even better and the whole hour and a half he did not drop his oxygen saturations. So tomorrow we will try for a bit longer and hopefully he goes ok. His nurse, Jodi thinks that he is ready for bolus feeds as he seems to be always trying to suck on his hands or his dummy, we will ask the doctors tomorrow.

Toby is now having bolus feeds of milk, at 9mls every hour and tomorrow this will go to 18mls every 2 hours if he tolerates it ok. He had an excellent morning, going a whole 4 hours off his CPAP with his little oxygen prongs in his nose. He is also going to get a chance to go off again in the evening, and have another breastfeed with mummy. He is doing so well his daddy was so proud of him as he left to go back to work today.

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