Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 16

Today Toby got another doctor, Pete, he has been really good and listened to mummy, he said that Toby can have up to 4 hours off CPAP in the morning and 4 hours off in the afternoon, if he handles it. He weighed 2130g and his feeds were put up to 30mls every 2 hours. In the afternoon Toby had 2 large vomits, one right before his feed and one right after. And his 2 good nursed Emily and Jane seen both happen and the very pronounced braddys that followed both. They mentioned this to doctor Pete on the afternoon round and he suggested that we stop fortifying Toby’s feeds with the Pepti Junior and thicken his milk instead to try to prevent him from vomiting. He also come to have a talk to mum later in evening and told mummy that he thinks his braddys may be reflux related. YAHOO mummy was so happy that someone was listening, and all evening Toby was a perfect baby! He also said that if that is the case he may well not even need the CPAP or NICU.  We will see what happens.
Toby has been a different baby today. The doctors continued with the thickened milk and wow, he hasn’t skipped a beat. All the nurses were so happy with him and he has spent the whole day off CPAP. Pete thinks it is worth giving him the chance to prove himself and see how he goes, so they are not suppose to put him back on unless he gets tired or starts working harder to breath. Nan and Grandad come to visit him today and brought down his bouncer and Toby got to sit in it for the first time. He seemed to really enjoy it.  earlier last week we were told that he would be longer than another 8 weeks. and i was not happy about that,  but this week we have a different doctor and he is working harder to help toby,  and so today he has had 11.5 hours and counting off the CPAP! and we are hoping for him to stay off. he has started thickening his feeds and this seems to have settled down alot. he is now 2130g which is almost a normal baby's weight,    we are hoping that he can stay off CPAP and be home alot sooner than the 8 weeks we were told.

Toby is still off his CPAP and doing really well. He has had about 1 big braddy a day but otherwise he is breathing fine. His other doctors and nurses are all a bit nervous as he was not weaned off slowly like they would have liked but mummy and doctor Pete both have faith in him. Keep up the good work Toby!

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