Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 18

Another bit of a rough day today, daddy decided to stay for a few extra days as Toby has some pretty big braddys this morning. Mummy and Daddy took, Larissa, Anthony and Aimee to Campbell Town to meat Nan and Pop Neilson so that they could take them home, and daddy can spend some more time with Toby.

More upsetting today as Toby had some more pretty big braddys, the doctors were talking about some tests to do to find out why he is having these braddys. Hopefully next week he will have a 24 hour Ph probe done, which is a little tube that is placed down the nose to the esophagus, then it records the amount of acid that enters the esophagus, over a 24 hour period, hopefully telling us how bad his reflux is.

Daddy had to go home today, Toby had a bit of a better day but is still having some pretty big braddys. His doctor has decided to put him on a high flow circuit to try to keep his airways open when he is having the braddys as he seems to be having what’s called a laryngospasm during the episodes, this is where his larynx just closes tightly and no air can get through no matter what the doctors do, and they doubt that they would even be able to get and ET tube through, if they needed to.  This is quite scary as if Toby was to not come out of one of his episodes they can’t breath for him, and it would take a fair while for them to get a iv line in and to give him the relaxant drugs to allow them to help him to breath. He would get pretty starved for oxygen over this time, and might not wake up! Mummy and daddy are pretty scared at the moment,

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