Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 8

940g today, not sure if this is an accurate weight as he doesn’t look like he has lost weight, instead it looks like he has gained weight.  The doctors came by and were first not going to try him off the ventilator, but after watching him for a little while they decided to give him a trial. He was very agitated this morning and they would have had to re-tape his breathing tube if they were not going to take it out. Little Toby soon told the doctors what he wanted and this afternoon he will get a chance to prove himself on CPAP again as long as his blood gas is good. In the evening, Toby come off the ventilator and he is really doing well on his CPAP.
Toby is 1034g today and he is starting to look bigger. He is still on his CPAP and is doing well. His oxygen fluctuates between air and 30% mummy went home today for the first time in 8 weeks. Mummy and daddy really enjoyed a big long cuddle with Toby before we left for a few days.

Mum came back today after a bit of a relaxing few days catching up with Toby’s brother and sisters, and mummy’s friends.  Toby has got lots of presents awaiting him at home. I was nice to have a break from the hospital but mummy did really miss Toby and was very disappointed when I was unable to have a cuddle as he had been swinging a bit with his oxygen needs. Toby did get another bed bath from mummy and he really enjoyed that, and he was also visited by nan Newman, as she come to stay for a few days.

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