Family Life

Family Life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 17

Still off his CPAP and going great guns, Toby and mummy had a wonderful day today, In the morning we had a beautiful bath followed by a really good breastfeed, Toby didn’t even need a top up, then he snuggled down and both mummy and Toby had a little nap in the big comfy chair.  In the evening Toby had another very successful breastfeed without needing a top up! Mummy is going to ask the doctor about his plans for Toby going home or being transferred to Burnie in the morning. 

Toby come off his oxygen today and is going great, the doctor said that if he keeps it up he can go back to Burnie early next week.  Yay!!!

Toby is still off his oxygen, and only having the occasional braddy now the doctors are all very happy as they thought that he may need oxygen when he comes home. Mummy is very happy with him he weighs 2190g and he looks amazing. he is having 2-3 breastfeeds a day. Won’t be long till we get home now.

What started as a good day ended up being pretty horrible, Toby had some good breastfeeds in the morning, but he had a few big braddys when he was feeding so I decided that he needed a rest from breastfeeding for a while, and then in the afternoon, his doctor found his hernia again, and after talking to his surgeon, decided that they would operate on Monday if Toby was well enough so that he could still hopefully go home at the end of next week. Then at 9:15pm He had a massive braddy that he didn’t pick up from for about 20 minutes, the doctors were about to put him back on CPAP and even had the ventilator at the ready, we nearly lost him as they fought to get his heart rate back up, They are not sure why, but after that his breathing settled back down, with just oxygen, and his wonderful doctor Pete told us that he didn’t need CPAP as this would just upset him more, and a lot of his braddys are from him holding his breath, not from having trouble breathing. Anyway Toby got a IV and his feeds were reduced to half, and he had some bloods sent off to check for infection just in case, although no one really thought he had one.

Toby has been better today, his feeds are still at half and he still needs a little oxygen but he has been pretty good. The doctor has put off his surgery for his hernia repair until they are comfortable that he will be ok with the anesthetic and he will not be transferred to Burnie until after he has the surgery, so it looks like we will be stuck in Hobart for a little while longer. On the plus side, Nan Newman got to have her first cuddle today, both Nan and Toby really enjoyed it.

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