Family Life

Family Life

Monday, February 14, 2011

Horrible Heraing Aids

The day we went to Australian Hearing, Kent had the time off work, I didn't want to go alone and I wanted Kent to understand what was going on as well. We waited in the waiting room, Toby was the only child, all the other people were elderly, stereotypical I know but I didn't expect to see any children, when I think of hearing aids, until now, I only ever associated them with 'old people', I mean, I knew that children can have them, and I went to school with a girl a few grades below me who had them, but really I knew nothing about them apart form what I had seen at work, and that had always involved the elderly.

I was terrified of the unknown, on the outside I was calm but on the inside I wasn't ready to admit that Toby was deaf. I didn't want him to have to have hearing aids and I didn't want to be there at all. we were ushered into a little office and we met a lovely lady who instantly took away some of my insecurity's, she was very welcoming and explained the entire process in words that we could both understand. we were about to venture into our very own uncharted territory but we were beginning to understand the basics, we were told that we have a very long exhausting road ahead of us with many, many tests and such, especially if he ends up being a candidate for a cochlear implant.       Bring It on, after all, whats another round of tests when you have already been through what Toby has. We had discussed it a few times and we were prepared to do what ever it takes to help Toby to hear,  I would sell my kidney for him to be able to hear my voice.

Having said all that, she then inserted some green goo, into his ears, the goo was left in place until it become hard and it became the beginnings of a mould for Toby's first set of hearing aids. they would be sent off for the mould to be completed. Then next thing on the agenda was to pick a colour for Toby's Aids. Who knew there were so many different colours to choose from? I have only ever seen them in boring neutral skin tones, so I was shocked to learn that they could be red, pink, green and blue. we chose a bright blue pair. I don't believe in trying to hide a disability and I had decided that if my baby had to wear something big and horrible over his ears, he was going to do it with style.

with the mould taken and the colour picked out, we were sent home with an appointment in 2 weeks to come back to get them fitted. I was feeling a little better about it all, but I still cried all the way home.
It wasn't fair, he'd already gone through so much.

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