Family Life

Family Life

Monday, February 14, 2011

Home again at long last.

With Toby finally at home things began to fall into place, I had routine of taking Aimee and Anthony to school and then taking Toby to the hospital for the doctors to check him, I spent my days trying to work out how to legally get Larissa back as I didnt really have any money to hire a lawyer, but without one, he father would not let me see her again. he had sms'd several times to tell me that Larissa did not want to see or speak to me, and I was really getting worried. As he was not willing to compromise I had made it pretty clear to him that Aimee and Anthony would not be visiting him untill I was allowed to see Larissa, I did not want to risk loosing all three of them.

I was working night shift at the hospital, and looking after Toby during the day, as Kent had managed to find work, the day we moved down. he was working full time hours but as a casual position at at window manufacturing business. he was enjoying his new work and it was looking like it could become a full time position later on. With very little sleep I would spend my spare time, playing with Toby, helping him with his physio and when he was asleep I was on the net, looking for ways around the bind we had found ourselves in. I had found a free womens' legal serivce, although they were not taking any new clients, one of the lawyeres had agreed to help me as much as she could. she sent off some letters to my ex's lawyer in an attempt to come to an arrangement. however we did not get any replys, the weeks went on and I was still not allowed to see my beautiful girl.

Aimee and Anthony were settling into school and finding it hard to adjust without their big sister. Aimee found it harder than Anthony, as she was sharing a room with larissa and often looked up to her big sister, she was a little lost, but they both were good at playing together and would take eachothers minds off it during the day, it was the nights that were the hardest with no Larissa to kiss goodnight, no cuddles, and no big sister to sleep next to.

Toby continued to have his apnoeas, when he come home he had full resuscitation equipment come home with him. he was on his oxygen and whenever we went anywyere we had to carry all the equipment, we were too scared not to. He had a few big ones but we never had to go back to the hospital, when we left we made a deal with the doctors that unless he had more than 3 in a day or began to have longer ones, or we were especially worried, we wouldnt have to go back in.  that was great, if we had to take him in with every apnoea we would be visiting the hospital on a daily basis.  So we continued on at home, praying that he would eventually grow out of it.

Toby was referrred to Early Childhood Interventuion Services (ECIS) and St Giles for physio, he was given some equipment to take home and a little chair to help him to sit up. we also had an appointment comming up to see Australian Hearing, as it was time for Toby to get his dreaded hearing aids.

It appears that as life throws horrible hurdles at you, you either become stronger and learn how to jump, or you get hit and fall over.   I was not going to fall over and Life was certainly going to go on!

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