Family Life

Family Life

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

exciting times

Coming up to christmas our little family prepare for a BIG holiday. In a little over 4 weeks we will be embarking on the holiday of our dreams. For a very long time Kent and I have dreamed of travelling and camping our way around our beautiful country. we dreamed of long trips, and just pulling over to camp wherever we felt we wanted or wherever looked nice. we dreamt of long walks along beaches and refreshing splashes in little picturesque water holes. Originally our dream would be to take a few months off and just wander whoever our hearts took us. As time passed this dream has been broken down and when Kent was diagnosed with cancer it was put on hold and almost forgotten about. 

But we have decided to do it. My sister who lives in Darwin is travelling to Queensland for christmas to spend it with her partners family, and we decided, on a whim, to kick up our heels and just do it, we are going to meet her and her family in Queensland for Christmas. The kids Finnish school and then we are out of here. We jump on the Spirit of Tasmania for a day sail in on the 20th december, and then, camping our way up, we have just 3 days to get to Queensland, as we have planned to spend christmas eve at the fun parks, and to camp, with my sister, christmas Day. 
Its going to be tough, we have little money and both Kent and I suffer form chronic pain, and Toby doesn't sit well for long periods in a car seat. However, we are going to give it out best shot, well stop when we need and drive when we can. Our Plan is to call into Summer Bay (Palm Beach) so the kids can see where Home and Away is cast. and go for a swim on the beautiful beach.  just some great photo opportunities and something special to do. other than that we have no plans. Just driving, Camping and Family time. and I just can not wait for this. 

Our trip will see us spending christmas in QLD with my twin sister and her beautiful family, and on boxing day, I will fly back to Tasmania with my 3 other children, bringing them back to spend time with their father, and I attending, my best friends wedding before jumping back on the plane to meet Kent and Toby at Rockhampton.  There we will spend a night with my cousin on her beautiful property, before heading on the Townsvill, travelling and camping with my sister.  before breaking apart and leaving just Kent Toby, and myself to find our way back,  Kent, Toby and I have around 3 weeks to get home, and not plans as to how we will do it.  WOW, 
I just can't wait, we are thinking that we will head back through the center to South Australia and then back along the great ocean road before boarding the Spirit of Tas to come home again.   Talk about the holiday of the life time.  I am so looking forward to early morning sun rises, splashes in the ocean, the smell of salt air, as well as the heat of the sun as it lashes the harsh terrain of outback Australia. the many animals that we will see, the many flora that we will smell. I cant wait to teach Toby and the others all the Real things in life. all the beauty that there is in our world.  I cant wait to take our time to do whatever takes our fancy that day. I cant wait to do the fun parks and to see the wonder and excitement on my children's faces, oh man, I just cant wait. I feel so very blessed to have this opportunity. To have the time to spend together as a family, to have the option to complete a long awaited dream of ours. the memories that we will make, will stay with us for a lifetime. I am so very thankful that myself and the children will remember this holiday with Kent well past the day that he is no longer with us. This is our chance to make memorise. our chance to be family our chance to explore our amazing country, 

Just cant wait!!!

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