Family Life

Family Life

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The aftermath

Today I am weighting. Just wrighting I don't know how, I don't understand. I am strong, I guess I'm still holding your streangth.  
You see on the Sunday 29th May my husband passed away. It was a long drawn out few days, but he pased peacefully in the end. 

I am not at peace. I just wish he was here, I want to give him a wuick call just to say hi,  to say I love you.    To share a moment from our day!   But I know you are watching. You are making sure we are ok before you can be totally at peace I know that.   You wouldn't leave us alone you need to know we will be ok.   And with time we will.    It's scarey.  I'm scared for the first time I drive back to our house alone.  Without you. Kids and all but no you.... How do I comprehend that,    I want to smell you again, to hear you again.  But I am thankful the suffering is over it was so cruel for you!    We miss you baby we love you baby.   But we are ok,   The kids are smiling again even aimee the house is full of laughter although it will never be the same. Your presence will always remain & you will never be forgotten.    I am sorry I failed you. I am so very sorry than my medical skills could not heal you & I will never live comfortably with that. But that's for me to work through.   You were my rock. My stone of help now I feel like I flounder with nothing to grab hold of.  But our kiddies are so strong so for now I'll hold them. I'll hold them close and I'll never be letting them go.    Love you always kent Neilson you are & always will be my hero xxx 

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