Family Life

Family Life

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feb 2010 - April 2010

Toby spent many more weeks in the ICU after that episode, he also had many more episodes. and often scared the nursing staff, doctors and both mummy and daddy. No one could trust him, and it took a long time to convince the paediatric war to accept him so that he could transfer out of the ICU environment and Begin to get some normality into his life. he wanted to play, but he was greatly restricted to his cot and a small mat on the floor, in a windowless room. it wasn't ideal for a growing baby. In March Kent and I made the difficult decision to relocate  to Hobart. we had been separated form our family for way too long, Kent would travel back and fourth for work and the other children were attending school and staying with my mother, I was only seeing them once a fortnight as the other weekend they would visit their father. it was hard on us all, and we were all at breaking point. Kent and I spoke to Toby's doctors and we were told that it might be a a good Idea to relocate so that Toby could be close to the ICU if he needed it and after such a long time, and some pretty horrible experiences we were no longer in a hurry to take him back to Burnie, we just wanted him safe.

We hunted and hunted for a rental and at the same time Kent had to prepare our home in Somerset so that we could rent it out. there was no way that we would be able to afford to pay a mortgage and rent a property in Hobart. Our money was running out and I had to go back to work so I took on some night shifts a the hospital to help us get back on track, unfortunately life still goes on and the world keeps spinning around you even when you have a sick child. oh how nice it would be if the bills would stop coming in.

In March Toby had a follow up to his hearing test. and we were totally blown away when we were told that it was again, not good. heartbroken, we listened as we were told all about hearing aids and cochlear implants, hearing tests, never ending trips to Melbourne and the road that was being mapped out for us. we never expected it, yes we both knew that It was a possibility but you never expect to find out that your child actually is deaf. we never really prepared for that outcome. and here we were propelled in to this new state of dealing with his hearing loss and the grief that we were feeling. Toby was still in the ICU and we were also trying to come to terms with moving our family. this was not a good time for any one in our little family but we pulled ourselves together and threw ourselves into learning different ways to communicate with Toby as he grows. and we prepared ourselves for more tests and the eventual fitting of hearing aids.  We decided then that we would not let anything stand in Toby's way and we were going to do anything needed to help him along.

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